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November 15, 2022
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The benefits of leasing Gappscan or Magnerscan MAG3 units from EIT International 

  • Gain competitive advantage 
    As a business owner, it might be difficult and expensive to upgrade outdated machines within capital equipment budgets. Leasing equipment can help your business stay up to speed with the latest technology, thus giving you a competitive advantage, whilst spreading the cost and mitigating the impact of upfront capital equipment outlay.
    Additionally, any consumable or depreciating items, such as batteries and internal pressure-bearing materials, are replaced during recalibration to ensure there is no failure during tests, ensuring the equipment is operational when you need it.
  • Removes upfront, lump sum capital equipment outlay 
    By leasing equipment, the business can finance 100% of its total equipment costs. It also removes the pressure to justify lump sum investment for specialist capital equipment that might otherwise be cost prohibitive at the point that replacements are required, much better to lease it.
  • Makes budgeting easy
    Leasing allows business owners to acquire equipment instantly. Knowing the monthly or quarterly costs, allows for easy forecasting and budgeting.
  • Servicing and upgrades are covered
    Any software or firmware updates available are applied during the annual recalibration as part of the lease, so you can be sure your equipment always has the latest specification available. Furthermore, your operators and maintenance teams know that they can rely on the products to be compliant to industry regulations and be calibrated to function accurately.
  • Ongoing support
    By leasing a Gappscan or MAG3 from EIT International, you have the peace of mind that, should anything go wrong with your detection unit(s) outside of the servicing cycle, you have the access to remote support from the manufacturers to resolve the issue or replace the unit if deemed necessary.
  • Tax advantage
    In some regions the lessee gains tax advantage by being permitted to claim the payment associated with the leased equipment as part of the business expense.