In the rapidly evolving world of regulatory legislation, good manufacturing practice (GMP) and industry compliance for the liquid food, beverage, nutrition and pharmaceutical industries in particular, our products, as well as our strategy and decision making,  adhere to the highest standards of environmental and corporate social responsibility, giving our customers and their employees peace of mind.

Whatever the industry sector, EIT International’s preventative control technology systems can facilitate improved performance and efficiency, delivering a realistic return on investment in a fast turnaround, short time frame.

Biofilm & Bacteria Scanners

Real time bacteria and biofilm scanners.

With Bactiscans’ unique wave alternating UV system, Bactiscan enables food processors to immediately isolate Biofilms, mould and bacteria such as salmonella and E.coli and many other contaminants are easily located and identified which makes the remediation job much faster and therefore more cost effective.

Surface Integrity Scanners

Electronic surface integrity & crack detection using multiple scanner array.
Magnerscan electronic surface integrity and crack detection utilises an array of close-contact inline sensors which is far superior to eddy current testing (ECT) and dye penetrant inspection (DPI) as it is environmentally friendly and does not require pre-test preparation. The operation of Magnerscan requires limited training for the operator.

Heat Exchanger Integrity

Quantify contamination in heat exchangers.

Hexteq was developed specifically to detect cross contaminating defects as low as a few microns in size, and is the only test system that can accurately measure defect size which allows processors to predict when a heat exchanger may fail, preventing unnecessary shutdown of an exchanger.

Pasteurisation Residence

Validate pasteurisation residence and flow during production.
Pasflo allows for non-intrusive pasteurisation validation to the Liquid Dairy, Ice Cream, Brewery (Cider) and Juices industries without the need to stop production. Pasflo validates pasteurisation residents and flow rate during production.

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