EIT International is an industry leader in the development and supply of environmentally friendly preventative controls and detection systems for the liquid food/ beverage processing, nutraceutical, pharma-medical and petrochemical industries.

Food production managers are relied upon to make a critical decision every day: whether to start production or not. The fundamental worry is the hygiene of the facility. Every hour production is stalled for cleaning and potential revenue is lost. However, if production is conducted on a surface that hasn’t been adequately cleaned, the risk of contamination and costly recalls increases dramatically. 



Duo plate heat exchanger integrity testing - In situ leak testing for plate and tubular heat exchangers without stripping down the machine, simply disconnect the pipes from the exchanger and connect Gappscan to carry out a 5 minute test.


Plate (PHE) and/or Tubular heat exchangers can be examined in 5 minutes to detect internal defects within the heat exchanger, connected through GPS to easytesters base control for regular calibration of the instrument, tests are carried out in the liquid food and beverage industries.