EIT International is an industry leader in the development and supply of environmentally friendly preventative controls and detection systems for the liquid food processing, nutraceutical, pharma-medical and petrochemical industries.

Gappscan™ is the most advanced and eco-friendly integrity testing solution for heat exchangers to the dairy, food, brewery and pharmaceutical industries. Heat exchanger testing is an important procedure for the early detection of internal leaks inside the equipment. If not found in good time, the product can become contaminated and spoilt, leading to waste and potential expensive recall of finished product.

Most cracked heat exchanger plates will show no symptoms of defect. Gappscan™ has been developed specifically to detect cross contaminating defects as low as a few microns in size, and is the only test system that can accurately measure defect size which allows processors to predict when a heat exchanger may fail, preventing unnecessary shutdown of an exchanger.

There are many other types of test procedures including dyes, chemicals, pressure and gas, but all of these test sensitivities are reduced with volume and therefore unreliable when testing large heat exchangers. Traditional test methods can only pass or fail a heat exchanger, they cannot determine the size of the defect or the leakage rate.

Benefits of Gappscan™ compared to other technologies:

  • Increase business project effectiveness of preventative maintenance programmes to your third party customers
  • Increase efficiency of your servicing teams allowing for multiple tests over shorter time frame.
  • Ability to monitor changes in heat exchanger behaviour and performance through regular on-site testing, avoiding the expense of prophylactic change.
  • Adheres to your food and beverage customers Sustainability Programme through environmentally friendly technology that does not require any harmful dyes, chemicals, gases or gels.
  • 100% accuracy in surface integrity and crack detection down to (1 micron) 30 microns (30um). Actual defect size can be gauged and measured against subsequent tests.
  • Gappscan™ identifies and reports numerous cracks and defects, alternative technologies will detect these as a single isolated fail only.
  • Deployed on all types of heat exchangers including plate and tubular
  • Non-invasive integrity testing technology, no requirement to disassemble heat exchanger
  • Minimal downtime, full on-site test carried out within 2 hours.
  • Full test equipment contained in a single suitcase size holdall and operated by a single person.

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