EIT International is an industry leader in the development and supply of environmentally friendly preventative controls and detection systems for the food/ beverage processing, nutraceutical, pharma-medical and petrochemical industries.



Food & processing plant production managers are relied upon to make a critical decision every day, which is whether to start production or not. The fundamental consideration in this is the hygiene of the facility. Every hour production is stopped for cleaning and/ or maintenance results in potentially losing revenue. However, if production is conducted on a surface that hasn’t been adequately cleaned, the risk of contamination and costly recalls increases dramatically.



Bacteria and Biofilms can now be viewed in real time using this simple to operate lamp, using variable wavelength technology this system can view bacteria in real time without using any chemicals.


Bacteria and Biofilms inside pipes can be viewed with this array of light sources instantaneously with a computerised system able to move inside small bore to large diameter pipes, first to detect welding defects and on its return to base detecting bacteria and biofilms with the click of a switch.

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